Top Ten Xbox Indie Games (Under 70p each) Pt 2

Two down and 8 to go, hopefully by now you will have been having some fun in the junkyard, and be working your way through worlds made of cakes, biccies and cups of coffee! As previously mentioned, all the games in THIS top ten are priced at 80 points.

So buy yourself 800 points and get ready for the fun to continue..

8.  Hieronymus Bash

The concept of Heaven Vs Hell isn’t a new one, but what if the final battle between the forces of good and evil was played out over a game of Dodgeball with human souls as the balls. Hieronymus Bash is that very game! The basic premise is that you must grab a soul and fire it towards the enemy. Score a hit, and you grow in size. 3 hits and you glow with divine light or hellfire and become deadly. One more hit to the enemy and they are out! The game can be played by up to 4 players 2 on 2. The graphics are simple yet vibrant and full of character! Hearing the little angels shout “Repent” when you score a hit never fails to bring a smile to my face!


7. Plows In Hell


So if Heaven and Hell Dodgeball was too run of the mill, then give Plows In Hell a try. You play as a snowplow, trapped in hell. In an attempt to save your soul you battle waves of enemies using your mounted laser cannon, a turret you can place and some bait to attract the little buggers away from killing you. The big problem is that the battle takes place on a huge ice platform, being continuously melted by the fires of Hell burning away beneath you. Its not just Hellfire giving you grief, your laserfire, exploding enemies and nasty robots with flame jets melt the ground away!  As with many of these Indie Games the High Score and pursuit there of is king. You are left wondering if you changed the placement of the turret or kept its health up with your repair beam, could you have lasted a few more waves? The fun is in trying again to find out!




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