Top Ten Xbox Indie Games (Under 70p each) Pt 1

The Xbox Live Indie Games (Formerly Community Games) has something of a bad reputation.

Even on our own Facebook page people have said to steer clear a they are all rubbish. In truth of course, this is not the case. Since launch of the service over 500 titles have been released butits only recently and the change in price structure that they really started pushing for your attention and you Micosoft Points. The introduction of the 80 point price, gave developers the chance to put out extremely low cost games into a market facing steep price RISES in conventional stores. 80 points equates to around 66p! Not everything is suddenly rosey in the Garden of Indie and bad games still out number the good. So DPAD Dependency present part 1 of the Top Ten Xbox Indie Games (for 80 points)!

10. Johnny Platform’s Biscuit Romp

Old school platforming action at it’s finest! Starting life as a homebrew title for R4 owning Ds players, JPBR has all the 8bit/Early 16 bit charm you could ask for. The platforming action is based on a single screen, rather than the scrolling platform adventures that Mario made so popular. Each level being a puzzle asking you to kill all the enemies and collecting cups of coffee with a slurp! The graphics retain all this retro charm and always through design rather than budget restraints and lack of polish as can be seenin other Indie games. 55 levels await you starting with the very simple tutorial stages to brain bending, double jumping, pad throwing levels. but, like all great games you will say “one more go” to yourself more times than you really should!

9. Junkyard Battle

Indie games brings you experiances to your 360 that you would otherwise likely never play on the console. Junkyard Battle is a multiplayer head to head battle to build a tower from the junk dropped into the playing area from the top of the screen. Controlling a mechanical arm,  you pick up items and balance them on top of each other to create your pile quicker than the opponent.  Whoever has the lower of the two towers, suffers from a dropping life bar so the heat is on to keep you tower high while trying to lob items towards the enemy stack in an effort to sabotage their structure. Its a simple premise that will keep you and a friend coming back to time and time again. There is a single player tutorial but no additional missions.

So there you have it, two games for you to get started with. Both games are available now, at 80 points each. Given the price of Avatar clothing you get a pretty good deal. Try out the demo versions at least and comment.


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