The XBLA Experiment – So It Begins…


One week down,  51 to go!

I have had a genuinely good gaming week. Much to the detriment of my poor PS3. It has been a LOOOOONG time since my Playstation ha gone a full week unplayed! It must be shedding tears under that shiny black exterior. I had even forgot my weekly ritual checking of the PSN on Thursday!

Naturally it was XBLA that has swayed my attention.

As much as i like knowing when my games are due, and knowing everything there is to know, but this Wednesday was like mini christmas! Not knowing exactly what is going to hit on the XBLA Wednesday gives me a tiny shiver of excitement as I anticipate a killer title. This week we got a double hitter of the South Park Tower Defence game, which i was keen to try out as i like a bit of tower defence from time to time, and a little game called Lucidity which i will go into a little more later on the site.

Further fueling my lack of PS3 focus is the XBLA modern classic Shadow Complex. Now, everybody has seen the review scores and heard the hype, but i was still unprepared for the outstanding quality of the title. It’s a real highlight of the platform and is exactly the type of experiance that i was hoping for. Better than many full retail games out there. Further to the exciting story there is a series of challenge rooms, i haven’t seen much talk of them in the media, maybe because they are hidden behind the tutorials under the Proving Grounds option on the main menu.

The later half of my week has been consumed with a delve into the Indie Games section of the marketplace, much more of that shortly. For now ill just say there is a lot of quality games for very little money!

While I certainly expected to throw myself into this whole XBLA thing i really wasn’t expecting my PS3 gaming to suffer as it has. I feel like i’m turning my back on my gormet dinner in favor for a wide buffet of gaming. There is so much variety  and i want to try everything. This week i think i have tried more games this week than one i can ever remember. Much wasn’t worth mentioning but some were original and worth sharing. This is exactly what i was after from this experiment. Only time will tell how long it can sustain me.


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