An Hour With… Flower : PSN

flowerOk so this is an hour with flower (yes i know it sounds like a gardening show!). Well i should start by saying i didnt just spend an hour with flower but ended up playing till i had completed the whole petal flurrying, atmospheric bundle of HD goodness!. I didnt set out to play flower to be honest , but whilst being bed ridden due to severe man flu and having just completed Uncharted (to get in the mood for Uncharted 2 of course) i was looking for something to play on my hard drive and flower was the first thing i came across.
Flower is not your conventional game as most of you will have guessed. The premises is that you start of as a petal floating on the wind controlled by the motion control in the SIAXIS. The controls are surprisingly responsive and the R2 button is used for controlling the speed of the wind. As you float along without a care picking up more petals from the glowing buds around you, a musical note will play almost edging the player on to collect the petals faster so that the melody being made can be heard clearly.
The first few levels allow the player to explore the controls and get a feel for how the game plays. You can float around admiring the surroundings amongst some of the 200,000 blades of grass (little pointless fact for you there) or try and collect every petal within the level. Certain buds will spawn a group of flowers and collecting all the petals from this group will bring colour back to the surrounding hue deprived area in an explosive whooshing fashion.
The game has a very subtle way of introducing a storyline , so much so i did not really realise i was involved in one till about the third level. When i say storyline i mean a general good versus evil. The good being the flurry of petals that you have collected versus the decaying rusted metal structures defacing the land. A simple flying into approach is all thats needed to break these menacing structures but its done with some satisfaction especially in the later levels.
Overall for a meer £6.99 this a breath of fresh air ( excuse the bad pun ). You can really get an almost zen like experience from it with it definetly being a good way of de-toxing from that kill streak or alien civilisation you have just slaughtered!.                                                                                                               John

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