Free Stuff: Halo 3 ODST Sgt.Johnson codes

Surely not another give away? we aren’t even asking you to do anything? (other than maybe share the love and tell your friends about us) We were holding onto these to giveaway as part of a Facebook contest, but we figured you the reader of the website deserved them more!

Codes unlock Sgt.Johnson in Firefight mode of Halo3:ODST. There are 5 codes to try, whoever gets there 1st gets a code, so try all 5 a you never know which are used!

Well, here you go!






Good luck to you all.


69 Comments Add yours

  1. Nick Clark says:

    I’ve taken and plan to use the first one 🙂 KP9PQ-6DBHD-PDQD6-4MKKD-WYK8B

    Thanks guys!

  2. Ben Baxter says:

    I nabbed the second code, cheers guys.

  3. Richard Scott says:

    Snaggin the 2nd one up there 🙂

  4. Richard Scott says:

    oo . someone already used the 2nd one, so grabbed the next one !

  5. Benjo says:

    Snagged number 4, thanks 😀

  6. JanCarlo says:

    I didn’t win one 😦

  7. jimmy says:

    snagged the fifth

  8. If you guys want MORE codes, i have loads more now. Comment here, Tweet us, or post on the Facebook group and ill throw out a many as i can. i got 20 or so!

    1. adam brodie says:

      hey i am hoping you can give me a code for me, i love fire fight!!!

    2. rakenmare says:

      do u have any more codes left

    3. AnElf says:

      if you could give me one at I would be extremely greatful

      1. z3w y0rk says:

        Can you send a johnson code to i could see if i can help people with vidmasters. my xbox account is z3w y0rk

        Id be gratefully honered.

    4. JONATHAN PENNY says:


    5. Joshua says:

      please give me a code i really want one

      1. deadmanxiii says:


        People, he ran out of codes in December last year, and they expired at the end of january this year, reading comprehension is your friend.

    6. joshua.clark says:

      i want a code

    7. TheGreatChippedo says:

      if you have any more codes please send me one to my e-mail it is . . .

      I’m guessing you probably gave out all the codes you have but I was hoping I could still get one.

    8. pwnpwnpwn99 says:

      Can u send me a code? my email is

    9. daniel says:

      please man
      send a code
      and add me on live

    10. garrett says:

      if u have any codes left could u plzzzzz send me one?!

    11. Jaycob says:

      Can you give me a sgt.johnson code or a 1600 microsoft points code?

      1. DeadmanXIII says:

        We still ran out of codes ages ago, the codes still expired back in March, and we never gave away 1600points you cheeky bugger! Thanks for checking out DPD, visit the forums!

    12. Tommy says:

      have you still got any more codes for sergeant johnson?? if you do send me one to my email it’s

  9. darian says:

    yo dude if you have one could i have it i have been looking every where for 1 my email is just email me the code if i can have one thanks

  10. jakob says:

    hey if u have n e more plz email me @

  11. i need jonhson! says:

    plz plz give me a code i need one my mail is if you can send me one you will be god

    1. There have been a further 15 codes put up between the DPAD Dependency Message Boards, here on the blog and over on Facebook. Thats all of em! I am certain not all of them have been used already!

  12. Who wanna know eh? says:

    2 for me and ma bro plz!

  13. Are people not reading the comments. If you want a code, then try out the ones that have been posted here, on facebook, and on the forums. No more are being given out.


  14. CArlos Alpuche says:


  15. wesley miller says:

    i got not the pre ordered halo 3 odst how do i get the code

  16. My name says:

    Id like one

  17. drew says:

    send me one

  18. drew says:

    send me one to this address

  19. Buck says:

    send me a sgt.johnson code please!!!!

  20. deadmanxiii says:

    Quick update guys, the Codes expire on 31/01/10. A reminder then, that all the codes were posted here on the blog and on the forum. only way to get one is to try em all and hope they havent all been used!


    1. MY BONEZZ says:

      if u have any more i need one PLZ.

      my email is

  21. ben powell says:

    ino this is along shot but if you have any spare codes for SGT Johnson could you send me one plz my email is thank you 🙂

  22. firesamarie says:

    send one to if there are any left

  23. AgentK33 says:

    I need johnson my email

  24. can u give me a sgt.johnson halo is the best and so r u 🙂 i dont care if its expired o.k. thx ur da best 🙂

  25. Josh says:

    Could you send one to

  26. Jerico says:

    I’d like one if you still have anymore please

  27. jemil says:

    i like one too if u had any more

  28. jemil says:

    i like one too if u had any more.When you get some more send one to

  29. Damon says:

    hey man, throw me one if you can! thanks! cant wait to play! if not thats cool too…

  30. Damon says:

    whoops, forgot the email, thanks again!

  31. Melissa says:

    Hi. If you have any more codes available If you could please email me one I would love to play Sgt Johnson in firefight also.
    Thank you. my email is :

  32. darain says:

    plz give me a free code of srgt. johnson ive been trying to get it since it came out.
    plz give it to me on xbox. gamertag kildify.

  33. Zo says:

    Got one for me =P?

  34. kiaran says:

    plz can i hv one m8 thnks

  35. kiaran says:

    my email is thnks

  36. sagi says:

    please send me one my email is

  37. Davekma says:

    People, he ran out of codes in December last year, and they expired at the end of january this year, reading comprehension is your friend.

  38. joshua says:

    please give me 2 codes one for my mate

  39. The Hylian says:

    So it’s true, people DO only see what they want to see, eh Dave?

  40. Davekma says:

    I might as well just have typed blah blah gribble gribble wonk snarfle.

    Excuse me while I go smack my head on a wall.

  41. Skitzotyk says:

    If you have anymore plz send it to

  42. adam says:

    i totly need a code i can help you with any non vidmaster chalenges, any other you name it i will help you!!! for the love of god send me one, please any achievmant i can help email me at

    1. adam says:

      oh and one for my cousins!!! and for the love of god send me two, if you cnt then send me one

      1. adam says:

        oh and ps i became a fan for this on facebook

  43. Isaac says:

    if you can please email one of the codes you have any of you have to please id respect and love that i tried to pre order a game but there was only a number of them left and i this dude got one than i called in so im really dissapointed id like it if one of you kind people would like to give me a code to use
    thank you

  44. techman383 says:

    wherre do you enter the codes?

  45. daniel says:

    please man
    it would be awesome if you sent me a code

  46. leonard says:

    Why do the codes not work its a rip off and a waste of peoples time I do not mean to be a grumpy git but i am annoyed. Please could you help me I would be pleased

    1. DeadmanXIII says:

      The codes no longer work because…

      A. They were 1st come 1st served back in 2009.
      B. All the codes expired in Jan 2010.

      Sorry for any confusion, but we have mentioned this in the comments thread on more than one occassion. Hope you enjoy the rest of DPD

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