An Hour with… Uncharted 2 Multiplayer BETA


The first thing that strikes you when loading U2MB is how much love and care has been poured over this FREE taster of Uncharted 2’s controversial Multiplayer component. Those expecting a deathmatch on a single map with random players are going to be very disappointed as the guys and girls at Naughty Dog haven’t taken that route. Truth is they could be the most  generous developer of the year cause they are giving you so much more than i thought even possible.

What strikes you initially is there is a proper party system, allowing you to join your buddys (and fellow DPAD Dependents) in a variety of game modes. The stop and shoot combat is reminiscent of Gears Of War, but without the cumbersome armor and 5ft Automatic weapons weighing you down you get access to the whole host of Drake’s climbing abilities. The levels are rich environments designed with a sense of verticality that encourages you to explore out crops and lamp posts to gain tactical advantage over the enemy.

In addition to your vanilla Deathmatch are Team DM and objective based games but the real surprise was the inclusion of the CO-OP MODE!  Up to 3 players can team up and progress through levels populated with nasty terrorist types and physical obstacles that all 3 of you will need to join forces to negotiate. Enemies flank you, hide for cover and have a habit of climbing out of the woodwork behind you meaning you either need eyes in the back of your head, or a team mate watching your backs!

So not only does Uncharted 2 MP Beta give you literally hours of content, you also receive XP that encourages replays and lets you level up for further rewards, it lets you tell everyone about it via Twitter support. Dont forget, this isnt a look at the full game,  its the FREE beta.

This download is the definitive example of how to do things right on PS3, innovation and familiarity in one amazing package!


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