The XBLA Experiment – Origin Story

You dont see them coming, but moxblaments of genius can change your perception forever.

I pledge to only play XBLA and Indie Games on my Xbox 360, for an entire year. No Left 4 Dead 2  , Forza 3, O.D.S.T or Alan Wake for me. I want to find out if XBLA is a strong enough platform that i can survive on it alone, or break and play a full retail game. I NEED to know, if radically changing the video games i play will have an effect on my views on gaming as a whole. How will my friends react when i cant join them on the latest 360 multiplayer titles? And maybe, jut maybe will i find such a rich vein of untapped gaming goodness knee deep in XBLA that i even neglect my PS3?

So how did i land on such a hair brained scheme? Read  on…

I’m heading abroad in a few years to Australia and need to start raising cash FAST! In an effort to plan ahead i decided to trade a load of games in, and retain the value on a gift card like a squirrel hoarding nuts for the winter. I was pretty ruthless and took a huge stack of titles into Game and it was here that i learned that they were offering £120 CASH MONEY for my Nintendo Wii. The thought of not having all 3 major consoles troubled me a great deal but the dust layer on the Wii was a clear indication that i could probably live without.

Selling the Wii got me thinking. “Do i really need a 360 AND a PS3?”  i haven’t been a one console guy since the Mega Drive days, and even then i remember feeling like the pimp daddy when i bought a SNES to sit next to it.

Back to present day, and i began to face reality. Immigration aint cheap, and are there really any Xbox Exclusives im going to miss? I began to prepare myself to say goodbye to the 360. With my 360 games collection down to three titles (Ok, i have more but i dont count promo copies of games, or games ive already finished) i sat down to give em a bit of a play as a send off. Then it happened…

Despite being quick to write off virtually all of my 360 retail games, once i was eye to eye with my downloaded titles i found them much less disposable.

CastleVania: Symphony of the Night, Bomberman Live, Garou: Mark Of The Wolves, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, Pacman Championship and even Uno were putting up a much more fierce arguement to be kept than my usual 360 diet of endless first person shooters.

So here i am with a 360 and just XBLA games for company, and thats when i had the moment of genius.

Just to clarify here are the rules:

I WILL NOT play a full retail X360 game on my home console, neither store bought or from Games on Demand

I WILL only play XBLA and Indie Games

If at a friends house and they are playing a 360 game i CAN join in, but friends CANT come to my place the play a retail game. My gamercard will remain free from 306 retail games for 1 year starting today!


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